The Governor Support Service provides a programme of training and development sessions each term that governors, headteachers, associate members and clerks can access to help them carry out their duties effectively.

Details of all our training courses and briefing sessions can be accessed by clicking here and selecting the “Governor Support Courses”.  New users to the course booking service will need to complete the registration process and create a personal account.

Our training and development programme aims to:

  • Contribute to raising standards and effectiveness and improving school performance
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of the governing board and increase understanding of issues affecting education
  • Support schools in meeting national and local education agendas
  • Help to problem solve effectively within complex issues of school governance
  • Develop positive relationships and partnerships
  • Promote a ‘teamwork’ attitude
  • Provide support for those new to school governance and education.

To help governing board members meet the challenges of their role, we strongly recommend that every governor should attend as, an absolute minimum, at least one session from our programme each academic year.

New governing board members are strongly encouraged to attend our introductory sessions which take place each term. These sessions will provide a good understanding of the governing board’s role and responsibilities and offer networking opportunities.

Clerks to governing boards are recommended to attend our clerks termly briefing session to keep themselves updated on current issues (locally and nationally) and seek support on any other clerking matters. Our clerking sessions offer networking opportunities.

The governing board has overall responsibility for the training and development of its members and, as good practice, it is recommended that a whole governing board training session takes place at least once each academic year.