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The Governor Support Service is an independent service offering governor training, advice, guidance and support to all Hillingdon Schools. With over 20 years’ combined experience working within local authorities in Governor Support roles, we are able to offer local and legislative advice, support and training to school governors and clerks.


Our services

Advice & Guidance

We provide governing bodies and schools with information, support, and advice to proactively promote and achieve outstanding governance.
Schools can access our full range of services by purchasing a service level agreement with us for 2016/2017, or schools can access the training on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. Please contact us for further information


The Governor Support Service training and development programme is now published for the Spring term.
GSS Training Booklet Spring 2017

Hillingdon Governors' Meeting - Autumn 2016

The documents from the HGM meeting on 10 November can be found here:

Autumn Term Meeting Agenda 2016
Young Carers Presentation 2016
RSC Presentation 2016
School Funding Presentation 2016
LADO Presentation 2016
GSS Governance Update 2016

Hillingdon Governors' Meeting - Spring 2017

The Spring term meeting is being held on 28 February 2017. The agenda is given below.

HGM Agenda Spring 2017

More Courses


School Data for Primary School Governors

RAISEonline has changed recently due to the changes in the curriculum and assessment procedures. This session will help primary school governors to interpret primary school data. It will help governors ask the appropriate questions, in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of pupil performance and whether the school has taken measures to address any […]

Leading in Partnership (for Headteachers, Senior Leaders and Chairs to attend together)

Leading in Partnership for Headteachers, Senior Leaders and Chairs to attend together This is suitable for a partnership of schools or chain of academies and for a central training session where many schools are represented The working relationship between the head/principal and the chair of governors is crucial in ensuring school/academy effectiveness. The House of […]

Intro to Governance: Part 2 – Accountability

This is the second session of a three part induction programme for those who are new or fairly new to school governance. Session 2, ‘Accountability’, will consider the governing body’s strategic responsibility for the educational performance of the school.

Governance Surgery

The Governance Surgery is an opportunity for governors or clerks to make an individual 20 minute appointment with an independent governance consultant. The appointment is intended to provide advice and guidance on how to deal with any issues that might be undermining the effectiveness of a governing board. Participants will be asked to provide a […]

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